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Gone with the wind…

published on: 31.08.2008 in: All entries

I visited my friend in Dublin. We met during an intensive screenwriting course in Denmark, by the end of which I was pregnant. She is my son’s godmother. I tend to get sentimental about goodbyes and so on leaving her home this afternoon, I held on to her for as long as possible on her […]



published on: 30.08.2008 in: All entries

On arriving at the airport yesterday, it turned out there was only one way of checking in – the computerized way. I couldn’t quite get my head around it (luckily some friendly men were willing to help me out) and realized: either I’m a control freak for not being able to handle it when things […]


The beauty of botox

published on: 29.08.2008 in: All entries

Botox always manages to throw me off guard, despite it being a treatment I’ve been getting off and on for about ten years. I panic during the treatment ("no swallowing, no coughing," says my doctor, yet what do I manage to do every single time?). I panic after the treatment ("give it a day or […]


True love

published on: 28.08.2008 in: All entries

I just returned from a meeting with the Dutch Filmfund concerning a screenplay I’m co-writing with director Yan Ting Yuen. It’s easy to hate institutions. It’s just as easy to love them. This is how it works: you hate them when they use technical film-terminology to say, "I hate your idea (or you)" and subsequently […]



published on: 27.08.2008 in: All entries

On this day, a few years ago, my grandfather died. My mother was there when it happened. She had picked her parents up from the airport, they had gone to visit family abroad. My grandfather sat in the passenger’s seat, my grandmother was in the back seat. While stopping for gas, my grandfather had a […]



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If ever I was to thank a song for helping me find the tone of the novel I’m writing, it would be this one. Take special notice of the slight glitch at 1.23 seconds into the song. To be reminded of that kind of imperfection… Download 05_track_05.m4a


A healthy attempt

published on: 26.08.2008 in: All entries

In an attempt to stop this nonsense of not having been able to write a single scene for my novel since my return from Brazil, I decided to lock myself up in my office. I bought a pre-fab Greek salad at a department store nearby. The bottom layer was made up of milky-white disks. I […]


Look at it this way

published on: 25.08.2008 in: All entries

Just now, my sweet (or: other half) emailed me because I had been missing Brazil. He said: "Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened."My reply: "I’ll try to remember that when you trade me in for a younger, more exotic, light hearted version of me."


Caught in a moment

published on: 23.08.2008 in: All entries

I had one of those things you could call ‘a moment.’ A time-wharp kind of situation when various dimensions merge in some strange way. It was due to some incident on a blog I’m addicted to and can’t stop myself from commenting on. One of the other commentators made mention of a certain bar, one […]


Facts and figures

published on: 22.08.2008 in: All entries

I checked out a school for my two-and-a-half year old son. I hadn’t expected the following reaction to my question whether they had a waiting list:"Not in your case because your son is a 1.4 child." "What’s a 1.4 child?""It means we get 1.4 times the usual subsidy for him.""Why?""Because you were born in a […]