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Archive for July, 2012

Rambo and the happiest girl on earth

published on: 26.07.2012 in: All entries

Expendable. I had never heard of that word until Rambo used it. “I am expendable,” he said. I looked at his droopy eyes and felt he and I were connected. When I looked up what expendable meant, I was certain of it. He had been talking to me. So I sent him a letter. I […]


I know this feeling

published on: 22.07.2012 in: All entries

I know this feeling. It is a snake. It curls up my leg and into my vagina further still spits its tongue with a hiss spreads its venom. Kiss me. Kiss me kiss me kiss me. venom. See me. See me see me see me.   I know this feeling. It is a candy. Bright […]


said the guru to the fool

published on: 16.07.2012 in: All entries

I know what you’re going to ask. You’re going to ask me: how do I avoid disappointment? And I’ll give you the same answer. It never changes. It was there then. And it is here now. It will still be there tomorrow. Do not – please, could you stop rolling your eyes for a moment […]


center stage

published on: 11.07.2012 in: All entries

A man sits next to me, in the dark. The glow of stage lights only vaguely touches his forehead. He leans forward, as if concentrated on the monologue. His tight shoulders push against the seams of his jacket. His neck is tense. His jaws clenched. His eyes pinched. The hands on which his chin rests […]