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3 little birds sit by my doorstep

published on: 29.07.2009 in: All entries

While cleaning the floor of my new office space, it suddenly hit me. This feeling I was having – a fluttery excitement with a hint of nerves – it was reminiscent of first days at school. First days call on fundamental emotions. We are animals and are programmed towards the desire to survive. When entering […]



published on: 23.07.2009 in: All entries

By the time I arrive, it is still morning. From my window, I see him and her in the small garden of their holiday home. He sits in a chair reading a book. Her legs stick out from beneath a tree that partly covers my view. From what I can see, she is a white, […]


Eye twitch

published on: 18.07.2009 in: All entries

“Are you by any chance under any stress?” the optometrist asked. In fact, she smirked. Of course she had to ask that. I leaned towards her and smiled as sweetly as I could, “I’m SO glad you asked. Because tell me, in your experience, is life ever entirely stress-free?”If so, I’d have congratulated her.Meanwhile, I considered the […]


Rive Gauche

published on: 15.07.2009 in: All entries

The women’s toilet in our office building smells of Chanel 5. Clearly, it was sprayed by some elegant lady before me, as a cover-up for the pooh she did.It had me thinking of the last time a specific perfume was ruined for me. I was twelve years old, that coming-of-age time in your life. We […]


Have your cake

published on: 13.07.2009 in: All entries

Here’s the thing though. While on holiday I spent some time rewriting a scene while my man and son went to Lisbon. They returned with cakes for me. I liked what was happening to the scene that evening. But hated it the next. And it starts all over again from there. How do you know whether […]



published on: 07.07.2009 in: All entries

The birds sang in as many hues as there were greens. And the dogs howled, louder even than the brightest of vines cradling grapes waiting to be sweetened by the passing of summer. Of time.


The estate

published on: 05.07.2009 in: All entries

Dinner on The Estate. Started with a wine tour. Catering to the impudent curiosity of we-the-tourists. The British owner did what was expected of him. He stood by a vine, showed us the light green grapes, the leaves, and spoke of what made his wine special. His words danced over his posh accent, slipped by […]


The divide

published on: 03.07.2009 in: All entries

The three teenage girls toss their heads left and right as they lay in the sun, on towels in the sand. Aware, yet unaware. Of life to come, of time to pass. Too fast, this they will soon discover as they age and wonder why they did not realize it then, now, as I look […]