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places that big-band has never been

published on: 30.06.2012 in: All entries

The blonde lives across the street, at a safe distance. The brunette studies the blonde as she sits in the middle of her tiny balcony. Some might call it a ‘French balcony’ just to make up for the fact that it isn’t really a balcony at all. The blonde’s ass is inside while her legs […]


until the flight is over

published on: 07.06.2012 in: All entries

I’ve said goodbye many times. Country to country. In days when goodbye meant goodbye.I once read in a book that when children move, parents should pay particular attention to granting the children their special goodbyes. We always threw a fairwell party on the day of our departure. And we’d cry the entire flight.We said to […]


about who you are?

published on: 02.06.2012 in: All entries

Young and innocent, in our teens. Careless. Reckless. To self-obsess. And so she never considered she might not know her dear friend. Not as well as her dear friend’s neighbour knows her now. When she reads a story her dear friend wrote she can hear her voice. Her dear friend’s voice, not the author’s. Her […]