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my city, your city

published on: 30.10.2014 in: All entries

Dutch people. We always bike through red in Amsterdam. A man in front of me, hunched over his steering wheel, does the same. He is wearing a wool hat when it’s over ten degrees. A long jacket. Old shoes. A fast little Smart car almost hits him. The man in the Smart car stops, bars […]


little lonely dog

published on: 28.10.2014 in: All entries

There is a little sausage-shaped dog in my neighborhood. He always walks in front of his owner, pulling at his leash. Leading the way, confident and proud, unaware of how small he is. His owner follows him while smiling endeared. They are always together, that woman and the sausage-shaped dog. His name is Bob. I […]


it’s like the sea

published on: 26.10.2014 in: All entries

My mother frequently sends me a text message saying: is all well? A rhetorical question that you can only answer with a ‘yes’. I chat with her on the phone sometimes. This is new, we never used to. I tell her unimportant details of my life, how I went out and with whom. That I’m […]


hostile worlds

published on: 10.10.2014 in: All entries

As I set myself op To Write this evening and wish I could allow myself simply to write, I consider this thing called fear. A few years ago, I handed the first copy of my first novel to a befriended musician. He is a talented and modest man. After performing for us, he took the […]