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the nature of a friend

published on: 26.02.2013 in: All entries

A friend reminded me of something today. It was in relation to my son’s ear infection. I told her how his ear had been so painful that nothing helped. He screamed all the way to the doctor’s office in the middle of the night, and during the wait, and during the doctor’s checkup, and after. […]


the lady and her new companion

published on: 17.02.2013 in: All entries

There once was a lady, of middle age, who woke up in the mornings alone. When she wasn’t alone, she loved being it. She particularly loved a morning alone when granted. To have her first thoughts belong to herself, as opposed to the other: The child, the husband, the lover. Oh how she longed for […]


someone on the other side of the road

published on: 16.02.2013 in: All entries

Two women cross the same street, on the same intersection, each in opposite directions. They meet midway and stop to talk. They know each other but clearly not all too well. They are distanced, while closed in by the cars that race by, left and right, trams and bicycles and trucks and buses rage on. […]


what of the dreams?

published on: 15.02.2013 in: All entries

In a different life, it feels, I felt myself becoming sick. And sicker. I was so tired that I could not lift my arms. A friend would have to wash my hair for me. O It turned out my arms were paralyzed due to a lyme infection. I remember the day my GP told me […]


my darling Valentine

published on: 13.02.2013 in: All entries

Outside the department store, two girls discuss what else they’re going to buy. They are at that age between child and adolescent, when bodies have suddenly grown boobs, shoulders are slumped, hair is greasy and faces are pale. Their eyes turn inward as opposed to nd away. One of them says, “we both bought the […]


but is it fair?

published on: 08.02.2013 in: All entries

Do you remember the child you once were. Is there a piece of it there. Inside you somewhere. Think of it, sit with it, close your eyes and feel it. Its arms around your neck. Is it fair, I wonder. I wonder is it fair to claim it was free. No care in the world. […]


and there it was, her star

published on: 04.02.2013 in: All entries

There is this little girl who can hardly sleep, that’s how much she desires the walking-talking-doll she saw on a commercial. At night, she thinks of how she’ll take the doll to the park, discuss how she hates spinach and wishes she was old enough to wear high heels. She is saving up for the […]