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Archive for March, 2012

the dispute

published on: 31.03.2012 in: All entries

The dispute they had was about the following: Marina had taken her children to Ruby’s 40th birthday. And now it was Marina’s turn to turn 40. She asked Ruby to come over for an evening of wine and cigarettes. Just the two of them. Just like they always did and always will. They’d discuss books. […]


the ugly duckling

published on: 26.03.2012 in: All entries

The Ugly Duckling. Or call it Swan. We like to emphathise the positive don’t we? I wonder about the ugly duckling becoming a swan. Does this mean there is hope for every ugly child? But what if that child never becomes a swan? Will the chicken he meets keep biting him? We forget that the […]


a real Habsburger

published on: 15.03.2012 in: All entries

The first spring day. An 18-year-old girl on a bike. She has dark skin, jet-black curly hair that shines and bounces as her bike leaps over bumps. She is sending someone a text message. Her iPhone is in a case which has hearts on it. She is smiling. Then she is hit by a car. […]


the way of the world

published on: 06.03.2012 in: All entries

The great thing about a coastline is you don’t have to worry about where you’re going. You can walk and walk, and when you’re fed up you simply turn around and walk back.You can plant your gaze a few meters in front of your feet and you’ll notice broken shells, piles of rotting seaweed that […]