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in over your head

published on: 31.01.2011 in: All entries

Men here, women there. Words of wisdom everywhere. Contain your truth, maintain your roof. The one over your head. The one that rises and rises until your cries – the cries, those cries, yes – are heard. By the skies. The gods and the angels and the powers that be, will see. They will see. […]


The smurfs

published on: 28.01.2011 in: All entries

There they all were, sitting in the window sill of a toy store. Sleepy smurf and grumpy smurf being my particular favorites. I suppose that says a lot about me at age 9. And suddenly they’re back, laughing at me that same way they laughed at me back then. I was never good at collecting. I’d […]


too uppity, too cheery

published on: 24.01.2011 in: All entries

“How are you, dear?” my mother asks. I can tell by her voice something’s wrong. She’s a little too uppity, cheery. She’s worried about something she’s done. She’s worried about how I’ll react. Even though I have long stopped being the child who’s reactions can be fierce. “We had a wonderful trip,” my mother says, […]



published on: 22.01.2011 in: All entries

The people who bring you down. Why? Why cry, girl, why? Do their words ring true? Only to you, they do. Do they echo the things you say to yourself? What you just said is stupid, girl. What you wrote is ugly, girl. What were you thinking, girl. Give it up, girl. Go home, girl, […]


and Jasmina and Trevor

published on: 21.01.2011 in: All entries

Well all right then. She has to be around 22. Not much older, or she wouldn’t have such a diversity of friends, friends of different heritages. She can’t really be living in center city? Unless Jasmina is the European version of the name. But then it would be Jasmin. And what to make of Trevor? […]


From Aram to Zoƫ

published on: 20.01.2011 in: All entries

At the organic store. Indeed, I am doing the right thing. At least I like to think it’s the right thing. I even use someone else’s recycled plastic bag.After unloading the groceries at home, I notice a note at the bottom of it. A shopping list maybe? What could it tell me about the person […]


art & authenticity

published on: 18.01.2011 in: All entries

A friend of mine has made a collage type painting of a man. The man is almost pop-arted to perfection. Her painting has been sold and she was happy. Yesterday, I noticed a magazine at a Gallery’s magazine at a neighbour’s house. On the cover it had that image of the man. Had my friend […]


hey, shit happens

published on: 12.01.2011 in: All entries

Consider the relief you feel when you burst out into tears and discover it is without consequence. It is met with normalcy. Hey, shit happens. Life goes on, despite your being a big cry baby. Medics, therapists, they’re all really good at that. It’s their job to show no surprise to anything out of the […]



published on: 08.01.2011 in: All entries

I am reading “The Book of Eve” by Marianne Frederiksson. My sister lent it to me. She said, “it’s special.” Eve wanders around in a time when humans were primal beings and knew no languages, no words. Eva herself is a transitional being, her mother gave her words, and with that came a sense of […]


I have him

published on: 02.01.2011 in: All entries

Do we model life after the symbols that have been mapped out for us or vice versa? Pieta, a mother and her dead son. Maria and Jezus. Kathe Kollwitz was endlessly inspired by this theme. She lost a son herself. This morning I was at the pool. A young couple had arrived and were out […]