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everything trying

published on: 24.04.2015 in: All entries

You listen to a song about how two people find each other after having drifted apart. I will sail back to you, he sings, she sings. You too believe you will return to each other and you hold on. But something goes wrong and a few months later you listen to the same song. I […]


voicing the past

published on: 14.04.2015 in: All entries

As my speech is impaired, I often contemplate the meaning of it. Countless metaphors apply to the voice. From listening to the inner one to developing a unique one in writing. I am reading the Bible to my son. Not because I believe in God, but because I believe in stories and it seems the […]



published on: 06.04.2015 in: All entries

I gave my son a new blanket for his birthday. He always wakes up a lot earlier than I do, then sits under his old blanket and watches TV. The old pink blanket is synthetic as he’s allergic for almost anything you can think of. It has burn holes in it from when he hung […]