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is silent

published on: 23.04.2011 in: All entries

she hasn’t seen her daughter for eight years. life is a temple built on fears, for some. for others it is a wasted opportunity. noisy pleasure that yells and kicks and screams: there should be more to life.more than simply this? but here it is. a woman was once somebody’s child her mother left one […]


lose control

published on: 20.04.2011 in: All entries

Two women had an argument today, right outside school. In the middle of the street, just like that. One hippy-looking lady and another dark-haired upper class looking lady. I have noticed them many times before. Some people somehow naturally draw attention. These two women both do. And now these two women were raising their voices […]


mecca and a baby boy

published on: 14.04.2011 in: All entries

Off she goes. To Mecca. Her girls wear jeans and sneakers, while she wears a white Pakistani dress. It is a soft cotton with tiny embroidered flowers on it. Her silk veil is in pastel colours. It is the first time I have seen her tuck her hair away completely. She fidgets with it, keeps […]


Adam and Eve

published on: 10.04.2011 in: All entries

She cleans her room. Messy as it is, she simply replaces one pile of stuff with another one.There, she thinks. All done.While relocating things her mind is working like a sive. It filters this and that, reminds her to pay a bill, or to call after tickets for next season’s theatre – she can, if […]


neither here nor there

published on: 09.04.2011 in: All entries

Goodnight, my dear. You are no longer here. And will I ever be as free as the voice in my mind that whispers? A breeze over an ocean of memories lent to me by the passing of time demands knowing who to address, belong to, caress. And who comes last? My dear. Neither here, nor […]



published on: 05.04.2011 in: All entries

Farewell flower. Spring has brought out the best in you. It shed light on the ground beneath which you hide. And out you came. Once tempted, you sprouted straight up, impatient and needy. Greedily turning your sweet little head to the sun and showing off the crown on your head. Look at me, I love […]


Florida, wow. Holiday?

published on: 01.04.2011 in: All entries

“Those aren’t mice,” he says, “those are rats.” He closes his bag, the one that looks like a tool kit. You’d think he is a handy man, but he is the mice pest controller. “Oh no!” “Not to worry. All taken care of.” I sigh, “have some coffee. Please, have a seat.” “Only a minute […]