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a woman has a right to her secrets

published on: 22.06.2013 in: All entries

A therapist once told me: “a woman has a right to her secrets.” I’ve been trying to figure out where this preoccupation of mine with being truthful comes from. I don’t think a Bible ever told me as much, or my parents. Recently, my father said: “being truthful with someone you love can hurt them.” […]


the years of laughter

published on: 15.06.2013 in: All entries

I am on the phone with my mother. She seems a little surprised that I am calling her for simply no other reason than to catch up. Which means I should call more often. Her voice holds the question mark of anticipation: what is my daughter going to ask, declare, confront this time? Nothing, mom. […]


the cloud

published on: 14.06.2013 in: All entries

There’s withered blossom that floats in the skies as it fall off trees. There’s a child that plays with leaves. There’s the wind in my hair. Neither here nor there. The sun in the skies. The absence of lies. There’s my bicycle that weaves through the city. And there’s my son who is on a […]


love replied

published on: 10.06.2013 in: All entries

She is from the Philippines. She has children over there, overseas. A husband here. She helps me, I help her. She is cleaning my fridge while we catch up. Her questions are casual, my answers lighthearted. How my love life is? Am I happy? I explain my current situation to her. My voice quivers as […]


the outsider

published on: 05.06.2013 in: All entries

A friend of mine is an actress and writer. She created a theatrical-adventure that entails stepping into people’s homes you’d otherwise never meet. Before I arrived, she asked me: ‘when have you ever felt an outsider?’ I realized this was going to be a part of the performance in some way, so I gave this […]



published on: 03.06.2013 in: All entries

A young woman sings a song. She is alone on the stage. She fills the room with a small and quiet voice. A gentle smile rests on her lips. Her face glows. She addresses the lyrics to and unidentified him. She brings her words as if they were a gift. She misses him, even though […]



published on: 02.06.2013 in: All entries

My son can do things I’ve told him not to do, over and over again. Once in a while, it’ll have me fuming and he’ll know he’s pushed it too far. “Sorry,” he then says. “Sorry mama.” And I tell him that it’s all right. His dark sides are safe with me, I won’t deny […]