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a woman has a right to her secrets

published: 2013-06-22

A therapist once told me: “a woman has a right to her secrets.”
I’ve been trying to figure out where this preoccupation of mine with being truthful comes from. I don’t think a Bible ever told me as much, or my parents.
Recently, my father said: “being truthful with someone you love can hurt them.”
I know he was referring to the years I felt I needed to address my issues with them. These were painful confrontations. They didn’t change. Neither did I.
I didn’t pursue this conversation with my dad because this time, it wasn’t about the past. It was about the present. About my love life.
With what intention does one share one’s truth? As a weapon to attack someone with? As a shield to hide behind? Or as a means of finding understanding?
I might tell you it’s a lovely day at 12 degrees with rain. You will feel betrayed by my truth because you are convinced it’s a terrible day.
My truth isn’t yours. And so, perhaps the truth isn’t ours to share.
A woman has a right to her secrets.

2 Responses to “a woman has a right to her secrets”

  1. 1005 says:

    If one wants to explain the same word(s) in different situations/meanings/etc. one can get confused.

    “Woruber man nicht sprechen kann daruber muß man schweigen”.

    Ethical, social, emotional. Pick your aproach.

  2. belle says:

    mooi stuk. “eerlijkheid duurt het langst” heb ik het eerst van jou gehoord, toen was ik 18.

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