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Relative ease

published on: 29.05.2009 in: All entries

One final note on flamenco. I’m in two groups: beginners and advanced. My level is somewhere in between. I had always taken the beginners class lightly and worked hard during the advanced class. The surprising result of all this being: I am actually doing all right at the choreography for the advanced group, but messing […]


Why does she love him?

published on: 28.05.2009 in: All entries

I am convinced a person can age a year in one day. Loss of youth is a sad event, especially when it is snatched away from you in that way. Then again, this kind of ageing is often paired with insight. The sweeping, grand kind of insight that comes with a day of almost unbearable […]


A new novel one day?

published on: 27.05.2009 in: All entries

Leila is 17 years old. Her best friend Elizabeth is dying. Elizabeth’s parents are refusing to see this. She is 35 kilos and for the very first time in three years, she has admitted to Leila that she may need her help. But Leila doesn’t know where to start, what to do. So Leila sits […]


Deus ex machina

published on: 26.05.2009 in: All entries

Lightning spilled out over the city. A storm always chooses night ensuring itself full dramatic effect. But there was something different about this one. Its thunder didn’t crackle or howl, instead it rumbled. However, it didn’t swell the way an earthquake rumble would. Its roar would quite suddenly announce itself, scream in one long monotonous […]


The girl on the boat

published on: 24.05.2009 in: All entries

There was this girl today, or should I say woman? She sat at the very tip of the boat she was on, straddled it. One leg on each side. Her posture demanded attention: back upright, pelvis tipping forward slightly. Her head was cocked to one side, her ashblonde hair in a messy ponytail. Both defiant […]


Black bird

published on: 22.05.2009 in: All entries

A beautiful morning. It is aggressively disrupted by the desperate shrieking of little birds on the street. A black crow has attacked and caught one of them. Its tiny wings flutter wildly in the crow's sharp beak, soft feathers spread out around them, and dust. The crow is four times her size. Her three friends […]



published on: 21.05.2009 in: All entries

During my last flamenco class, my mind kept drifting to a scene I was working on. At one stage I realized, “no wonder I’m tripping over my feet, I’m simply not with it.” I decided to shift my focus of attention and started doing much better. This is a confronting realization as of course the […]


Desperacy and desiderata

published on: 20.05.2009 in: All entries

Once upon a time, I was down and blue. It was taking months and I felt there was no way out. I couldn’t speak. The pressure of wanting to exhausted me. I decided to stay at a yogi’s home in the country. He had said noone in his household would expect me to say a […]



published on: 19.05.2009 in: All entries

May has the ability to surprise. It is modest. It sits quietly in a corner of the year, allowing April and June to scream for attention and take center stage. May will wait – confidently and patiently – for its time to shine, usually when April has fallen asleep. It then sheds its grey coat, […]


Dilemma and debate

published on: 18.05.2009 in: All entries

Religion. I am confused about religion. This morning, the Dominican Study Center for Religion and Theology asked me to write a column for their website. Theme: ‘to feel at home’. I’ve always had a lot to say about this theme, more specifically about what it means to feel like or be an outsider. One does […]