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unasked for defeat

published on: 28.01.2012 in: All entries

A woman sweeps her balcony. There are no leaves on the trees, it is Winter. She glances over to an adjacent house, the house without curtains. The lady who lives there often sits in front of her laptop, eats a sandwich while working. Sometimes she dances and puts on music really loud. It’s always dramatic […]


colliding and crashing

published on: 24.01.2012 in: All entries

Some people dream of wideopen spaces and fields of joy. Of starlit skies and blossom. While she finds herself trapped on a small wooden boat. It is a small boat that rocks and rolls on the erratic waves of a dark grey. An ocean in confusion, the currents not knowing which way to go, colliding […]


believe the stories they tell you

published on: 17.01.2012 in: All entries

A guy stops me on the streets. I thought he wanted to ask the way.“Thank you sister,” he says. He explains that he is from Iraq. Then he speaks of how he is a refugee and had applied for a permit but the Dutch government hasn’t granted it. They are stricter on Iraqis now, he […]


stop that thief

published on: 15.01.2012 in: All entries

The car I borrowed gave up on me. I had left my celphone at home. I had gone to the beach. And then to the inlet for cargo ships. They loom up on the horizon and disappear into mainland, a canal swallows them, takes them away. It had been a crisp and sunny day. Now […]


the pastor in a business suit

published on: 13.01.2012 in: All entries

The man in the suit, yesterday. Drinks, suits, chit-chat, that kind of an event. A friendly, get to know eachother type thing. Then the man in the suit stepped forward, was introduced to us. He was the evening’s speaker. It took me a while to notice there was more to him than man-in-suit. He was […]


when seagulls fly in the city

published on: 10.01.2012 in: All entries

I love it when seagulls fly in the city. <br> I love it when things don’t make any sense. When airplanes leave white trails in clear blue skies as if it were Summer. While it’s cold outside. When we cross without colliding. When saucers fly in moonlit skies. When a plant drowns in too much […]


that’s so fucking true, isn’t it?

published on: 06.01.2012 in: All entries

A friend calls another friend. The one friend had been wondering who to call. So many friends, yet noone to bloody well call. This thought made him more depressed than he already was. Was he desperate enough to bother his parents? For godssake, he thought. That would mean admitting failure. Yes mum and dad, I […]


biting the bullet

published on: 03.01.2012 in: All entries

“When I was 4, you threw my favourite underpants away.” I could pretend I had no idea what he was talking about. But I did know. Sure I knew. I could, for example, have said, “oh really? oh well. Haha, that must have been funny…” Cough. Instead, I chose to sit down in front of […]


every new year

published on: 01.01.2012 in: All entries

New years go by with increased speed. As does the moment it comes, that new year. Gone in a flash. Happy new year, my friend! Let it be a better year than last. Let it be cancer-free. Let it be opportunity-filled. Let it be worriless, fearless, endless in time.Happiness. We used to have time. Now […]