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the mommy you want to be

published on: 13.08.2012 in: All entries

“You have to understand how tired I am,” I tell him, “really, very tired. I wish it to be otherwise. Some people can handle only a few hours of sleep, I -unfortunately- can’t.” He looks at me, teary-eyed. His eyes droop when he looks at me that way. Not only when he’s about to cry, […]


back into that future

published on: 09.08.2012 in: All entries

I look straight into the future that no longer exists. My little boy stands in it, with dad. They are messing around. Back then, what I saw was an older version of dad sitting at the round kitchen table eating a sandwich with his teenager son. I was around too. Probably giving the roses some […]


to miss someone. to miss my son.

published on: 03.08.2012 in: All entries

Every city reminds you of another city. Climb the old city wall that separates the past from the present. Look as far as your eye can see, past the ruins, towards the horizon that connects the world to the skies. He is there, somewhere. As much a part of you as he is of the […]