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the scratches on the window sill

published on: 20.07.2014 in: All entries

I look at a picture of the cat we had. She was of unusual coloring, a pale orange with white stripes. Her eyes were a thin green. On the picture, they look at me in vulnerable anger. She came to us through friends and had been neglected. It took a while for her to show […]


are you tough enough?

published on: 16.07.2014 in: All entries

“Are you tough enough?” I think about this question a lot these days. While it’s been over fifteen years since someone asked me that. I was interviewing for a job to become an attorney. The 25-yr-old me automatically responded, “but of course!” I added something really cheeky too, but can’t remember exactly what. The gist […]


the end of the path

published on: 12.07.2014 in: All entries

I’m in a cloister in Belgium. Now and then a monk in a brown habit scurries past me. I feel painfully aware of my unreligious nature. Not that they really care, I think. I’m simply one of the paying guests here. The only paying guest. They’re good at avoiding eye contact. The people I’m visiting […]