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published on: 31.03.2009 in: All entries

I’ve been thinking about this one, powerful, little word: regret. Something happened regarding that ex- bestfriend I told you about. I was curious to see what she would do if I were to invite her to Linkedin (why I do these stupid things? God only knows.) And to my shock, she accepted it. After which […]


in a box

published on: 28.03.2009 in: All entries

My son pointed at my stomach and asked, “mummy, is your belly button in a box?” Mine is inverted, his protrudes.



published on: 26.03.2009 in: All entries

Yesterday, I was tired. My man was away, I had worked really hard on a screenplay and I haven't been sleeping so well. I can't always blame my son for the latter, by the way. I was sad too, as I had gone to redo Botox and it seems the doctor failed to get it […]



published on: 23.03.2009 in: All entries

It’s been a while, I know. There are reasons. Sometimes words can’t possibly keep up with life’s natural flow. Writing sometimes even stops the flow. I mentioned how my Dad had finalized his career. Yet I failed to describe he is now on a pilgrimage. I went to say goodbye to him the day before […]


The end

published on: 19.03.2009 in: All entries

Yesterday was my Dad’s last day at work. The Ministry he worked for had arranged for drinks. Somehow, I had always imagined a grand finale of some sort for my Dad. Fireworks and champagne and music and personal memorabilia engraved on silver platters to hang up against the wall. But this was a friendly and […]



published on: 18.03.2009 in: All entries

I watched my flamenco teacher perform yesterday and was filled with a strange kind of melancholy. I'm trying to figure out why. Perhaps it's the realization that whatever artistic profession you choose, who you yourself are always shines through the performance. There's no hiding, not even behind perfection. In fact, a perfect perfromance in itself […]



published on: 16.03.2009 in: All entries

“Mummy?”“Yes?”“Can I play?”“Yes.” My son rushes off to get a long blue ribbon. He gives me the one end and holds on to the other while hopping onto his bike. He turns to give me very serious instructions:“Face down, legs funny.”Oh, I see. He means that silly thing I did one day. I got down on the […]


Perfect person

published on: 15.03.2009 in: All entries

Sunday evening – this was an intense weekend. I am resisting the urge to list everything I did. Because why on earth do I even have this urge to describe how I went from a pancake boat in the east of Holland to a university reunion, visited not only my parents but my inlaws, played […]


Duality of man

published on: 14.03.2009 in: All entries

At present, while in the train, my staring at a young man who has long hair and goatee, is wearing a Palentinian scarf for a shawl and flaunting multicoloured sneakers, chewing gum, listening to music on an ipod so loud that even I can hear the lyrics (Chris de Burgh, lady in red), led me […]


The art of staring

published on: 12.03.2009 in: All entries

I was never taught not to stare. I suppose staring was not on the list of educational priorities my parents had for me. There are quite some things my parents never really emphasized. Like brushing my teeth. Or closing the door when going to the bathroom. I suppose it doesn’t matter because I learned other […]