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Duality of man

published: 2009-03-14

At present, while in the train, my staring at a young man who has long hair and goatee, is wearing a Palentinian scarf for a shawl and flaunting multicoloured sneakers, chewing gum, listening to music on an ipod so loud that even I can hear the lyrics (Chris de Burgh, lady in red), led me to notice how a drop of watery snot found its way to the tip of his nose, from where it dropped. At which stage I turned away because I knew he’d look up uneasily to see whether I’d noticed. And once again I marvel at how every person is never one single thing. But a lot of contradicting things complexly intertwined.

One Response to “Duality of man”

  1. Wichert van Dijk says:

    er mist een s in de sjaal van vandaag

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