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what a feeling

published on: 26.09.2012 in: All entries

What a feeling… I am driving the car and the radio plays that song. I feel like slamming the brakes, jumping out and dancing on the highway. I was really young when this film came out, but the exaltation that final scene gave me is one of the reasons I love film. It’s that unique […]


the man you love to hate

published on: 24.09.2012 in: All entries

During a radio-interview this morning about The Consul General’s Wife, I was asked whether my main character (Melchior) was based on a real person. My answer to this is that Melchior is archetypal. He is your typical white, male, baby-boomer who was worked for a prestigious institution all his life and has always been adored […]


collaboration and film

published on: 22.09.2012 in: All entries

The producer eats a muffin. Blueberry, I think. He wouldn’t know either because he’s eating it without really tasting it. The same way I’m eating a salad. Food is simply a welcome distraction, for now. A going through motions that are aimed at saying we’re all fine and comfortable and not in the least tense. […]


fear and loathing in …

published on: 21.09.2012 in: All entries

The man who lives across the street opened the door. He has two children and a wife. I felt awkward meeting them. Often, I catch myself staring mindlessly into their home while I’m on my small balcony thinking over a few things, or watering plants, or smoking. His daughter is always on their balcony. She […]


film mimics life

published on: 19.09.2012 in: All entries

“I was perfectly content in my world, and then she left it,” said the author of a novel to me this morning. Not just any novel, but a novel I am turning into a film. It all started out a few years ago as a collaboration with a well-known Dutch actress. Then, life got in […]


a film about the mussel

published on: 16.09.2012 in: All entries

The mussel. Would you ever consider it to be a main character in a film? I definitely wouldn’t. And still, yesterday evening I went to the premiere of one of the more intriguing documentaries I’ve ever seen.L’Amour des Mouleswas about exactly that: the mussel.The mussel’s shell is a blueish-black, the inside of it shines. It […]


brazilian guest and the brazilian blues

published on: 15.09.2012 in: All entries

Yesterday, I was at a dinner. It was themed ‘Brazil’ for the guest of honor who came from Sao Paolo. I know the guest of honor from the past. He worked in Amsterdam, I worked in Brazil. And so our worlds kept crossing.When you separate, the web called life falls apart. Threads spread out over […]


a diplomat’s child

published on: 14.09.2012 in: All entries

My dad wasn’t the only diplomat in our family. An uncle of mine was too, not for the Dutch but for the Americans. Somehow, my uncle always managed to get posted in war-torn countries.Children do not want to be separated from their families. When my family moved from London to Ghana, my parents gave me […]