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what a feeling

published: 2012-09-26

What a feeling…
I am driving the car and the radio plays that song. I feel like slamming the brakes, jumping out and dancing on the highway.
I was really young when this film came out, but the exaltation that final scene gave me is one of the reasons I love film. It’s that unique moment everything leads up to and all emotion and purpose is caught into single, explosive, scene. Finally the hooker underdog gets her revenge, against all odds, and boy does she kick some serious ass.
By chance, I am driving to the zoo where a kids TV series I am working on is situated. Today, we get to put on a rubber suit and feed sea cows. We get to cuddle ardvarks. We get to smear honey on trees for the Malaysian bears to lick. We get to sit next to panthers and listen to their purrish growl. We get to walk next to a giraffe. We get to see a 4-day old rhino. We get to think up stories while doing all this.
And then the radio reminds me of one important thing to keep in mind while writing: aim for the “what a feeling” moment. Because then, you’ll have people remembering your story forever.

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