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less than others

published on: 29.09.2013 in: All entries

A man says he feels incompetent. He feels “less”, he says. “Less than others obviously,” and his mind runs ahead of him, yet he backtracks to quickly add the words he was already skipping, “but that’s only the outside world and so it doesn’t matter.” and what he really wants to say is: “less than […]


stupid song

published on: 20.09.2013 in: All entries

My playlist coughs up an old song to me. It took me straight back to that moment I stood in front of him, studying his reaction. I hadn’t known what to say to him as he walked in. We had argued so many times, exchanged so many words that we no longer knew which were […]


draw it in, even when you’re writing

published on: 15.09.2013 in: All entries

The man who’s dog diedis in the take-out pizza place. Wherever I see him, he’s always there first. He is waiting. I mention that I saw all the kitchen staff inside the restaurant. They are eating. “Oh are they?” he says, “I see. I was wondering about that. I’ve been here for some ten minutes […]


based on a scene

published on: 01.09.2013 in: All entries

She sits across from her mother, making eye-contact sometimes, but not purposefully. When she does, it is by chance. She means nothing by it. While in turn, her mother searches her eyes. Tries to hold them sometimes. She knows this. She wonders why she won’t grant her mother the illusion of intimacy. She tries once, […]