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Back on track

published on: 30.12.2008 in: All entries

Rightyo, I think this flu-business is over (note how careful I am? Last time I thought it was over it hit me with high fever all over again just to teach me a lesson). Seeing as my man, son and I have missed Christmas celebrations altogether, we've decided to catch up by throwing a New […]



published on: 26.12.2008 in: All entries

My temperature today, this boxing day.


Merry Xmas

published on: 25.12.2008 in: All entries more


published on: 23.12.2008 in: All entries

At home, the three of us decided to come down with the flu at the same time. It’s proving to be an interesting case study in the dynamics of giving and taking between loved ones. Obviously, in our current state, it is my son who takes all. Bob the Builder, cookies and juice galore, and […]


Mind or matter

published on: 22.12.2008 in: All entries

The other day, my hairdresser and I small talked about my trip to the island.Warily, she asked, “so did you – like – stay in a cabin on the beach?”“No,” I said, “I have to admit, I stayed in a hotel.” “Yeah,” she said, “the cabin would be the kind of thing you feel you […]


feeling a little sad….

published on: 20.12.2008 in: All entries

My son wasn't feeling too well today, his fever jumped up and down, and so did he. At bedtime, he threw a few tantrums and only after three consecutive ones did I manage to get him into his pyjamas. Ten minutes after I put him to bed, he called for me. I asked what was […]


A break

published on: 19.12.2008 in: All entries

I always find it hard to let go of writing after having had the freedom to emerge myself into it entirely for a while. Distancing myself from writing also always means doubting what I've written. I suppose it's just as well because in a spare moment today, I found myself reconsidering my 'what happens next' […]


Back to reality

published on: 18.12.2008 in: All entries

I am back in the "real world." The transition back was a pretty rough one. I went from a blissful state in which thoughts quietly flutter in your mind, smack bam into a car that broke down on the highway. To make matters worse: not even my car.


Hidden light

published on: 17.12.2008 in: All entries

Yesterday and today have been wrapped in mist. I haven't seen the sun in over 36 hours. I had still intended to make my way to the outer Eastern tip of the island. But as I'm leaving tomorrow morning, I'm afraid it's just not going to happen. There's another thing I had hoped to make […]



published on: 15.12.2008 in: All entries

Any given scenery can look welcoming or unforgiving, depending what light shines on it. You are that light.