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Back on track

published: 2008-12-30

Rightyo, I think this flu-business is over (note how careful I am? Last time I thought it was over it hit me with high fever all over again just to teach me a lesson). Seeing as my man, son and I have missed Christmas celebrations altogether, we've decided to catch up by throwing a New Year's Eve party tomorrow.
As for today: the director I'm working with and I had a meeting with a man who's been asked by the Dutch Filmfund to oversee the further development of our screenplay. He is from New Zeeland, holds a British passport, travels all over the world for various filmprojects, and so our meeting was in English. I left the meeting feeling less snotty than when I entered. 2009 has already started, and with a feeling of modest expectation, the kind of excitement that is not hysterical but realistic, the right kind.

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