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On the radio

published on: 28.03.2010 in: All entries

On the radio this morning. “Hello, this is Jane?” “Well hello Jane! This is radio Sunshine. Happy Birthday. Your husband wants us to tell you how much he adores you.” “Oh that’s sweet of him.” “Did you know he adores you this much?” “Yes, for a great many years now.”“Good. He asked us to play […]


My son

published on: 25.03.2010 in: All entries

Sometimes, I'll take a bath with him. On these occasions he jumps up and down in excitement and hurries to get his clothes off. "First one in," he shrieks and lands in the tub with his socks on. And then we drift. I sit on my side, and he on his. He plays with his […]


The glass shoe

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We all have days we feel particularly good about ourselves, and for no apparent reason. The result being: the world opens up. It becomes a beautiful, welcoming place and: safe. Especially that. It loves you and you love it. “Wow,” says the man you run into and haven’t seen in years, “you look great.” Of […]


Everything is different

published on: 22.03.2010 in: All entries

Download 07 Tudo Diferente



published on: 19.03.2010 in: All entries

Remember when you were a kid and you were happy about something. Anything. A pair of jeans or a boyfriend. And remember how you felt when your parents did not share your enthousiasm? Maybe they even rejected the object of your happiness. It’s probably one of the most fundamental hurts a parent can bring unto […]


At the age of 60

published on: 17.03.2010 in: All entries

I’m mastering the art of reconnecting with people I knew fifteen years ago. I mean the people you used to hang out with in bars and so on, but never really entered into a meaningful relationship with. Perhaps never even had a decent conversation with. The kind of relationship that -in a way- feels like […]


The various faces of fear

published on: 15.03.2010 in: All entries

A woman’s 95th birthday. Her younger sister is there too, she is 90 years old. We are in a Marriot-type hotel. We, meaning the family that consists of the four generations beneath them. About fifty or so people. There is a lunch, a warm buffet. There are wines. There is a slide show. Each family […]


All about appearances

published on: 09.03.2010 in: All entries

I am in a village called Paraty. It is one of the oldest colonial villages in Brazil. It was preserved because people forgot all about it when a new port for the export of gold was built. Now, it is predominantly home to holidaying couples and guest-houses. The historical city center is full of galleries […]


Guacomole and chili con carne

published on: 07.03.2010 in: All entries

My friend from Argentina says she is 58 years old. I look at her pigmented hands, (“too much sun my whole life,” she quickly says), her boney body, the difficulty with which she descends a few steps (“I hurt my knee”), the anger as she snaps at the taxi-driver for not knowing the way when […]


The truths about Rio

published on: 05.03.2010 in: All entries

Toxic and intoxicating, city of extremes. This is what everyone says about Rio. But it’s more than that. It’s all the little nuances inbetween the outer boundaries. When writing a novel you wonder about how to convey these without ending up writing only in clich├ęs. The answer being: don’t even try. Don’t try to prove […]