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On the radio

published: 2010-03-28

On the radio this morning.
“Hello, this is Jane?”
“Well hello Jane! This is radio Sunshine. Happy Birthday. Your husband wants us to tell you how much he adores you.”
“Oh that’s sweet of him.”
“Did you know he adores you this much?”

“Yes, for a great many years now.”
“Good. He asked us to play a song for you, so sit back and enjoy.”
“Thank you. Thank you so much.”
John Denver sings “Take me home West Virgina.” Maybe, once upon a time, he sang this song to her. “Take me home…”
Next, the radio station calls a woman who says, “my husband isn’t here but I told him to listen to the radio between 1 and 2.”
“All right, so if you like, you can announce the song yourself?”
“Okay. Dear Frank, if you’re listening, I wanted to say: I know you’re at your mother’s. But I have a surprise for you. Listen closely to the words of this song and you’ll know what it is.”
Was she going to announce a pregnancy? A holiday?
No, it was the Drifters. And they sang, “kissing in the back row of the movies on a Saturday night with you. Holding hands together you and I.”
At this point, I cried.

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