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published on: 28.07.2010 in: All entries

The law text books. They are in a box beneath the stairs. They have been there for the past 7 years. There were alot more before. I had thrown 4/5th of my Law books away last time I moved, including all my notes. What remains are the books I thought were worth keeping back then. […]


Try not to think

published on: 25.07.2010 in: All entries

Try not to think as you throw away the pacifiers. You had hidden them in a wine cooler when weaning your baby off them. Somehow, two nappies have found their way into a bag you never use. The bibs. The one with the Christmas tree on it. And the one that says ‘Hungry’. Did his […]


Frère Jacques

published on: 24.07.2010 in: All entries

(sing to the tune of Frère Jacques) School lunches, school lunches, Concrete chips, concrete chips Soggy semolina, soggy semolina I feel sick, toilet quick. Why our brain remembers such things. And forgets the Latin we were taught in that private girl’s school. It just goes to show. When I’m 80, I’ll have forgotten my name […]


I love the sea

published on: 19.07.2010 in: All entries

I love the sea. How it lights up at four when the sun leans down. And lures man, woman, child. Games and laughter. The tears it absorbs as you walk along its coast. Stroked away by a gentle breeze. Blown away, sometimes, on a particularly bad day. The shells. The little girl who hopes to […]



published on: 17.07.2010 in: All entries

Remember Summer as it used to be?A wide-open field. Sticky and tickly, the sting of a bee.And then there’s Summer as it is now.Limited somehow.


The old man and his water

published on: 12.07.2010 in: All entries

The evening was heavy with expectation. The whole street, the city, the country, was wanting to celebrate. To dance, drink, rejoice, embrace, love. Almost desperately. We joined our neighbours, bonded with them in the common code of beer and of kids who were staying up late as we held on to the screen. I walked […]



published on: 07.07.2010 in: All entries

My sister was never attached to things. Paintings, trinkets, furniture. She’d share her clothes with all her friends. I was the opposite. I’d freak out if anyone so much as borrowed a pencil. It’s still like that today. Not literally, but figuratively. I feel attached to a necklace my grandmother left me. She would never. […]