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the man and the colour of sand

published on: 29.05.2011 in: All entries

The sea was the colour of the sand. Hazy shades of browns. I had never seen it that way. Sometimes the sea disappears into the sky. But not into the sand. There was so much wind that all sound was whisked away. The sea-gulls were mute, the waves broke in silence. I leaned against the […]



published on: 28.05.2011 in: All entries

D.H. Lawrence. Peculiarly, I always remember one thing about his Sons & Lovers. It’s the scene with the swing. And how in our literature class my teacher told us that scene was a symbol of budding sexuality. What of the slide? Somehow, my son had managed to persuade me to endeavour a 20 meter climb […]


it was up to her

published on: 25.05.2011 in: All entries

The next day she wasn’t so afraid of other people’s dreams anymore. She often had dreams herself. None of them were particularly comforting, but on contemplating this she soon realized dreams never were. Dreams were always unsettling. For example, she had never, ever, dreamed of making daisy-chains and drinking a cocktails on a sailing boat. […]


the end of her life

published on: 23.05.2011 in: All entries

Her husband woke up saying he couldn’t sleep. He had nightmares. One of them being that she had fallen off a balcony into the neighbour’s garden. She hadn’t really landed in their garden, but on a sun- roof of some sort. She lay on her back like a turtle. She wasn’t really doing much, he […]


revisiting the orgasm …

published on: 17.05.2011 in: All entries

… the next question being: is there a way of actually proving a woman is faking it? This – once again highly intellectual question – was what a colleague writer and I felt we needed to find an answer to. She had just finished giving a workshop to writers, and I had been on a […]


dad and the egg on the spoon

published on: 16.05.2011 in: All entries

Alan wasn’t good in sports which was unfortunate because his father was. He could never kick a ball towards where he wanted it to go and he’d always drop the frisbee. He tried, though, as hard as he could. But the harder he tried the worse he seemed at sports. There was a sports day […]


three wise men

published on: 13.05.2011 in: All entries

One day, they all died: the three wise men whose knowledge she had been destined to call on. The first wise man gave her a soul, then planted the seed of will into it. She was no longer an empty shell. But neither was she carefree.  The second caressed her body, called it a temple […]


the quest for the Multiple Orgasm (… or not?)

published on: 11.05.2011 in: All entries

I write a little something about the female orgasm and kaboom – my stats quadruple. This is highly addictive. More, I think, more. In fact, the mechanisms of that are quite like the orgasm itself. Right? Should I, therefore, be spending the rest of my days in quest of the Multiple Orgasm and subsequently writing […]


a note on the orgasm

published on: 10.05.2011 in: All entries

Have you ever wondered why some women get orgasms easily and other don’t? Of course you have. We all have. Especially if you find yourself on the wrong side of the question. I have finally figured it out. I had an epiphany last night. One of those highly intellectual insights that I simply must share […]


she pouts her lips

in: All entries

She carries her silence within her, whispers as she tells us to bend forward, hands on the floor. One leg, then the next. Slowly, very slowly. At first my legs hurt, burn, pinch. And then, after a while, they soften. Because I have taken that time. Next, we stand on our toes in silence. The […]