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the quest for the Multiple Orgasm (… or not?)

published: 2011-05-11

I write a little something about the female orgasm and kaboom – my stats quadruple. This is highly addictive. More, I think, more. In fact, the mechanisms of that are quite like the orgasm itself. Right? Should I, therefore, be spending the rest of my days in quest of the Multiple Orgasm and subsequently writing about it?
After class yesterday, the owner of the flamenco school mentioned he had visited my website.
“You are a writer!” he said. Would I be writing a film about flamenco? Maybe even about their school? His demeanour was one of respect for my trait. As was mine for his. While taking off my dance shoes and rubbing my aching feet (they are purple by now) he clicked to my website.
“I still have to read what you wrote about dance today. You write so beautifully!” Before I knew it, he was staring in confusion at my yesterday’s header “a note on the orgasm.” I rushed off to the dressing room, pretending not to have noticed. And he quickly attended to other important business on his desk.
So, I suppose I won’t be writing about the quest for the Multiple Orgasm after all. I’m sorry. But I won’t drop the topic without one last piece of advice. The electric toothbrush. Potential multiples are right there, in your hands, while performing your anti-climatic bedtime ritual. Just make sure to cover it with a sandwich bag.

2 Responses to “the quest for the Multiple Orgasm (… or not?)”

  1. SexToyRick says:

    Women can usually expierence multiple orgasms while playing with sex toys.. during sex women can have more but it depends on what there feeling from their partner ..

  2. SexToyRick says:

    also sextoys are best used in private to acomplish maxium orgasm 🙂

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