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Caligula and the missionary’s daughter

published on: 31.08.2009 in: All entries

The first official friend I made in Ghana was called Erika Smith. Her father was a missionary from the US. That’s all I really remember of him. At the age of 11, you never fully register parents. I remember her sisters though: the oldest one spent summers volunteering for the peace corps. I was shocked to […]


Truth about lies

published on: 27.08.2009 in: All entries

There’s a fine line between exaggeration and lying. A high school friend of mine was always good at exaggerating. Her fantasy would take her for a run. Sometimes, her accounts of things we had experienced together made me wonder whether I’d been sleeping. I missed out on most of the starry details she added. Back […]



published on: 26.08.2009 in: All entries

“Little fish in my stomach,” he said. On his way to a friend.



published on: 24.08.2009 in: All entries

BANG – my bike fell. I could tell it was my bike simply by the sound of its clunk. I looked out the window and yes, there it lay: on its side, like a dead whale. The children’s seat had clearly taken a serious blow. In part, it had slipped under the car parked next […]



published on: 21.08.2009 in: All entries

My 3 yr. old son was watching children’s tv this morning and a boy said something about “butterflies in my stomach.” My son frowned. “Butterflies in the stomach? That isn’t possible,” he said. I tried to explain that when people say they have butterflies in the stomach, it means they are in love. I don’t think […]


Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?

published on: 20.08.2009 in: All entries

HelloHow are you? i hope all is well with you, i hope you may not know me, and idon’t know who you are, My Name is Miss Marianna Courtan, i am justbroswing now i just saw your Email it seams like some thing touches meall over my body, i started having some feelings in me […]


Line of fire

published on: 19.08.2009 in: All entries

Bad voice. Plus all the wrong choices in terms of wardrobe. Why on earth did I decide to put on shorts this morning? The kind that creep up the insides of your legs? And then of course today: a very-important-man-who-has-become-a-friend said he was in my neighbourhood and up for a spur of the moment lunch. […]


Closer look

published on: 18.08.2009 in: All entries

A calender on the wall. There’s nothing really special about it. It shows the month of February which is an image of a path disappearing into a field’s horizon. The skies above it are grey and misty. I noticed there are dots on the photo, braille. These dots probably state what the words beneath the […]



published on: 17.08.2009 in: All entries

August is the sweaty meadow of summer. Ladybirds lose their way in tangled hair. Wasps hit their heads against trees. Dogs pant. People fight. A rusty lawnmower roars to cut its way through wrappers and corks and lollies and condoms and grass. Trodden and tired. Overused and abused, August is. Waiting for school to start, […]


Nuts and chocolates

published on: 14.08.2009 in: All entries

My son and I sat on the kitchen floor eating a raisin mix. “If I eat the black ones, my stomach will become black. And if I eat the yellow ones, it’ll be yellow,” he announced. Life can be so simple at that age. He waited for me to agree. I said, “and if we eat both, […]