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I am a writer, creative producer and script coach. I love to inspire and connect. If you’d like to know what novels and other things I’ve written, you can have a look here.

I was born in the Caribbean and traveled the globe during my childhood and so I attended Internationals Schools with English as my first language. After school, I studied Law in Amsterdam and I worked as a lawyer for a while in NY and the Caribbean after which I moved on to working for film production companies. I therefore have specialised knowledge of (international) IP.

I am currently producing a feature film ‘Kain’, together with director-producer Mildred Roethof – which is now fully financed and is in pre -production. Principal photography is set for end of May 2024. ‘Kain’ is about a man with Aspergers autism who decides he wants to get his driving license in order to prove he is ‘normal’. The lead role will be played by DaniĆ«l Gellvoet who has Aspergers autism himself and who’s idea this was. Director: Gabriel Bauer. 

I am creative producer and writer of a feature length film for television (co-writer: Ellen Barendregt, director: Janne Schmidt), ‘I believe I can fly’. This is about two best friends, students, now of which would like to end her life through euthanasia die to her unbearable psychological suffering. We are in pre-production and principal photography starts in March 2024, it will air on Dutch television end of 2024.  I am collaborating on a various other projects with Dutch production company Nijenhuis & Co./JOCO Media as Creative Producer and writer. Specific projects include an action comedy wiith two female leads. Recently, I wrote two feature films for Nijenhuis & Co. which were released theatrically: ‘Moroccan Wedding’ (which I developed with Mina el Hannaoui) and ‘Babies & More’. And there’s more…!

Last but not least: I am board member to the Screenwriter’s Guild in Holland. If you’d really like to know more about me, then send me an email and we’ll have coffee!