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all we know

published on: 29.09.2011 in: All entries

My dear little boy. How you rant and rave, how you cry and scream. You say things like “stupid mum” and “I hate you mum” and “I don’t want to be with you, I want to be with Dad.” You punch my bottom, pinch my thighs, you bight my arm. And then you bury your […]


the woman and the painting

published on: 20.09.2011 in: All entries

A woman smokes on her balcony. I can see her and like to think she can’t see me. I hardly ever sit, and now that I am sitting – simply for the mere act of sitting – I look out the window at her. God do I wish I was smoking that cigarette. Short drags, […]


little boy and little girl

published on: 10.09.2011 in: All entries

Little boy. You are too young to feel shame, too young to take blame; blame for the tears. Too old to cry, too old to lie; lie about fears. Little girl. You are too young to be pretty, too young to feel pity; pity for this world. Too old to shine, too old to whine; […]


your own world

published on: 04.09.2011 in: All entries

The world keeps spinning. And sometimes, you feel like you’re not a part of it. There’s two things you can do. Panic, which is what your ego is telling you to do. Or be still. Ask yourself whether you really want to be a part of your ego’s world, or prefer to be in yours. […]