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The art or – if you like – craft

published on: 26.02.2009 in: All entries

During flamenco class, my teacher said: “flamenco isn’t simply a collection of individual sequences or steps that just happen to be there. Every single step leads to the next, they are all interconnected. While dancing a given step, you should already be flowing into the next.” One day I should print all these flamenco wisdoms, […]


Female sex novels – an analysis

published on: 25.02.2009 in: All entries

For my Dutch speaking friends out there, here's an article I wrote that was published in this months magazine 'Opzij.'


To perform

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Today was Botox day again. I’m always nervous, this time even more so as I was treated by a newly trained ENT doctor. I’ve been wondering why the procedure still gives me heart palpitations after ten years. I suppose it doesn’t help that they stick a needle straight through my neck. But there’s more to […]



published on: 23.02.2009 in: All entries

9.30 am. In the supermarket, a woman bumped into me. She was squeezing plums, checking to see if they were ripe. They weren't. She scowled. Not only at the plums, but also at me. She wore a cap against the rain and was carrying two bags: a lap top case and a sports bag. They […]


Post-holiday resolutions

published on: 22.02.2009 in: All entries

We returned from the Caribbean three days ago. I vowed to not drink alcohol or eat sugar for a full month. I broke this promise only moments after I had expressed it. In fact, the mere thought of abstinence had me eating twice as many cookies and getting drunk. And so now, I'm going to […]


To get it

published on: 10.02.2009 in: All entries

I'm on a holiday. While holidaying, people engage in all sorts of exhausting activities such as scuba-diving, cat-sailing, wake-boarding, cart-racing, mountain-biking, beach volleyball and so on, all of this simply in order to relax. I suppose it works in a similar way for me. One of the most effective ways for me to relax is […]