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Pees and poopies

published on: 30.09.2008 in: All entries

Yesterday was the first day my son went to the daycare center without a nappy. He only wet his pants once and he had done exactly what I explained he should do: "at one stage, your teacher is going to put a nappy on you, which is when you poo." As for peepees, it took […]


Conflict of interest

published on: 29.09.2008 in: All entries

This past weekend, I met up with a man whose story initially inspired me to write the novel I'm writing now. It was a starting point. I have taken the story for a run and my main character has become the kind of character nobody would want to look like. This man and I chatted […]



published on: 26.09.2008 in: All entries

On trying to survive my after-lunch dip, I surfed the Sundance website. I wish I hadn't because now I know only 4 (out of a 12 in total) non-USA screenplays are selected for the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab in January. Can we do it? But of course, she says out loud to herself, of course we […]


Redefinition of missing

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In NY a friend asked whether I missed my son."Of course," I said and then wondered how to describe what missing your child feels like to a woman who has no child. How could I possibly put the physical lacking to words? That hollow vault kind of feeling, not anywhere in your body specifically because […]


Who’s to know?

published on: 25.09.2008 in: All entries

During my flamenco-class (the one I was supposed to have taken which was yesterday) it struck me yet again how dancing flamenco teaches a few valuable lessons. The obvious one being: you can't expect to be any good at it if you don't practice. But there was also this: I wondered about a few dancers […]



published on: 24.09.2008 in: All entries

There are two more office spaces in the gallery where I rent mine. They have recently been rented out. Today, one of the new tenants came by to rearrange a few things in her office space. She said she had written a book about Avalon and mentioned she was into Celtic traditions."Are you a witch?" […]



published on: 23.09.2008 in: All entries

My man came home early from work so I could go to flamenco. It had all been perfectly planned, I had even made broccoli soup in the afternoon for him and my son to eat. I arrived at the dance studios well on time, changed into my skirt and heels, chatted cheerily with the urban […]


Reality check

published on: 22.09.2008 in: All entries

Here's how my Monday morning countered yesterday's morning –After waking up, measuring windows for curtains in my underwear (there's a weird powdery stuff coming off the rubbery-looking curtains in my son's bedroom), making coffee, moving clean laundry from the rack to a basket (for now), paying delayed bills, getting porridge into my son and him […]



published on: 21.09.2008 in: All entries

The director I’m working with on a screenplay (our aim is to submit it to Sundance which means a first draft needs to be done by 15th Oct) and I scheduled a meeting for this Sunday morning. She warned me in advance, “I have an hour, because my man is running a marathon and I […]


Self fulfilling prophecies

published on: 19.09.2008 in: All entries

My son has always been a terrible sleeper. If he had it his way, I'd be sleeping right next to him every night. Thinking back, I realize it was that way from the start. He refused to leave my womb. The very first push my body gave, I quite calmly stated, "nope, he does not […]