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published: 2008-09-21

The director I’m working with on a screenplay (our aim is to submit it to Sundance which means a first draft needs to be done by 15th Oct) and I scheduled a meeting for this Sunday morning.
She warned me in advance, “I have an hour, because my man is running a marathon and I have to take care of our daughter.”
“Great,” I emailed, “I have exactly one hour because my man is returning from NY and needs to meet with someone so I have to take care of our son.”
This past week, I worked on the draft she wrote after my son went to sleep. And this morning I biked like mad to be on time. We were both panting but cut straight to the chase, discussing only the weaker points of the screenplay as we simply didn’t have the time to stick feathers up each others’ asses. Exactly one hour later we both got up, put our jackets on, looked at each other and said, “okay, so, see you right?” Without as having literally expressed it, there’s a clear understanding of what each of us is to do. More importantly, we don’t have to defend our time or ourselves.
There are power-naps and power-yoga. This is what I would call power-brainstorm and to me it’s equally, if not more, invigorating.

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