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ego and yes I can

published on: 30.11.2011 in: All entries

We get so wrapped up, don’t we? In contemplations about the next step, or is it too late? Am I good enough? How do I stay true to myself in a world that’s full of lies? And suddenly there’s a chance to do this or that, and so we get up and go. Just do […]


build yourself a heart of stone

published on: 22.11.2011 in: All entries

There once was a little boy who turned into a man. It wasn’t an effort, it wasn’t a plan. It happened one day, just like that. He looked in the mirror and cried: who is that? His eyes told the story of who he is now, while the child he was remained hidden somehow. Nervous […]


drops of frost

published on: 21.11.2011 in: All entries

A black woman on a bicycle. She has pulled the hood of her winter coat over her head and fastened it tightly. From behind, it looks as if a bright orange balloon hovers over shivering shoulders. It is cold. Misty, too. She waits at a traffic light and I look at her. Her eyebrows and […]


the young and foolish

published on: 18.11.2011 in: All entries

An elderly lady opens the door to the house a younger lady once lived in. It is a big and stately house. The younger lady apologizes, she just wanted to pick something up. “Do come in,” says the older lady, “please?” And so the young lady stands there, absorbing the memories of what once was […]


two muffins and a carton of milk

published on: 17.11.2011 in: All entries

“Just a second!” hollers the baker’s assistant from the back. “Take your time,” says the client. The assistant emerges, she is fixing her apron. “It’s so bloody cold in here, I needed an extra sweater.” The client says, “you’re right. It is cold in here,” and “how are you otherwise?” The assistant’s cheeks are flushed. […]


naughty or nice

published on: 14.11.2011 in: All entries

“You better not be lying,” says a mother to her six-year-old who claims to have had only one cookie, “because if there’s one thing I detest, and I mean absolutely hate, it’s when people lie.” The six-year-old has already left the room. And so it’s not the boy she’s talking to, is it? It’s the […]


little swans

in: All entries

The two girls run around the opera house on high heeled shoes that are too big for them. They wear black velvety and satin dresses, they fiddle with their hair, they put on pink lip-gloss. As the dark engulfs us and the red curtain opens – the one the girls marveled at – I fell […]


separate ways

published on: 10.11.2011 in: All entries

A sunny autumn day. A bench in the park. People squeeze together to sit on it. A woman decides she may as well use this moment to read a book. Another woman already sits there, she uses the same moment to eat a bagel and to study the meadow. “We speak the same language,” she […]


you seem kind of different

published on: 05.11.2011 in: All entries

She always consults her pendulum. The stone is a roze quartz. She knows it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, of course she does. And so it’s best not to ask questions that are important. Will she have a child? No, it says. It swings left to right. Ten years later, she is still single. Her 45th birthday […]


I read the news today, oh boy

published on: 03.11.2011 in: All entries

If only you’d known this morning, dear woman. If only. You didn’t. You simply decided it was time to get your act together. No more tears. You have an entire future ahead of you. Life begins at fourty, is what they say. So begin then. Right now! You actually sit down to have breakfast with […]