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naughty or nice

published: 2011-11-14

“You better not be lying,” says a mother to her six-year-old who claims to have had only one cookie, “because if there’s one thing I detest, and I mean absolutely hate, it’s when people lie.”
The six-year-old has already left the room. And so it’s not the boy she’s talking to, is it? It’s the friend, who stands there feeling crucified. Granted, yes, maybe the friend did once claim she hated it when people were unfaithful. And truth be said, the friend hadn’t been all too faithful. She had gone to Paris for a weekend with a different friend, but said she had gone with her brother. She didn’t want to hurt any feelings. These things never remain secret though.
So all right, the friend thinks, I’ll be truthful then.

“You’re not telling him you hate lies are you? You’re telling me,” she asks.
The mother turns to her, abruptly and wide-eyed, “what? Oh no, no, no, don’t be silly, not at all. Ha ha. You’re funny. Always imagining things aren’t you?”
The six-year-old returns. He is now really excited. He says “mummy, mummy come see! Santa bought me a skateboard. How did he know I wanted a skateboard?”
“I told you! Santa is a very wise man,” says the mother, “he knows everything, he knows exactly who’s been naughty. And you know what? Last night I heard Rudolph on our roof! Didn’t you hear?”
“Wow,” says the friend, “so Rudolph landed on your roof. You must have been very, very good.”

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