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Angry girl on the chair

published on: 29.09.2010 in: All entries

Angry little girl. You throw a punch, pull a backpack off a classmate's shoulders. You don't tickle but poke. And you bite your lip in fury."Hello little girl, how are you?"You sit on your little chair, little girl. The seats next to you remain empty. You lean on the palms of your hands which you […]


It works, it really does

published on: 28.09.2010 in: All entries

She is 26. She grins when I tell her how much I enjoyed a certain performance. It was spectacular, an intoxicating explosion of rhythm, and song, and dance and drama, and even more drama, which had me jumping out of my chair and exclaiming: bravo! Bravo! She nods and simultaneously shrugs her one shoulder. “You didn’t […]


The storyteller

published on: 26.09.2010 in: All entries

Might I ask, oh mister storyteller, whether you woke up happy? Overjoyed, maybe? Because it is Sunday. The day you have been waiting for all week. The day you gently pull your costume of it’s hook. It’s own hook. You don’t store it in the cupboard, next to all your other clothes, the ones you […]



published on: 23.09.2010 in: All entries

Rules. There are so many of them. Especially when parenting. Not only are there rules you have to teach your child, there are you also rules you as a parent are to adhere to. Some are easier to apply to yourself than others. I find the hardest rule this one: never publically express your true […]


The look

published on: 21.09.2010 in: All entries

As a child you look at grown-ups and tend to think they’re lost. They drink too much and say strange things to you. Some will put on a baby-voice or raise eyebrows in a “look how interested I am in you” kind of way. When essentially they’re too wrapped up in problems you know you’ll […]


The condom

published on: 20.09.2010 in: All entries

There is a condom on the pavement. I first saw the condom a few weeks ago. It was a bright and beautiful day. Summer. It lay there on the pavement in an upscale area, quite close to Christie’s. Almost next to Christie’s. As the houses there all have front-gardens and bigger pavements, it was hard […]


A Saturday in twos.

published on: 18.09.2010 in: All entries

There they were. The girls in pairs. Two tall women stood next to me. They had strong jawbones, deepset blue eyes, dark hair. Their hair. Long and thick and curly. Reddish hues. Healthy hair, despite their age. Fourty, is what I guessed. I kept looking at them, they must have been sisters. Yet they were […]


Lice control

published on: 13.09.2010 in: All entries

Lice control at my son’s school this morning. I was one of three designated lice-controllers. I had no idea what to expect. We never had lice control when I was young. But I had lice. All the time.Everytime I engage in a school activity, I am impressed by how many parents have a natural talent […]


The little white pill

published on: 07.09.2010 in: All entries

He came and sat next to me. In the train, the rain. The rain. So much rain. He said. I think he said that. The rain is a pain. Or was it the train? His coming to sit next to me was more like a drop than a sitting down. It was a buckling of […]


Bakery school

published on: 01.09.2010 in: All entries

I ask “who’s there?” and a voice explains that he is from the Bakery School and he has baked cookies with caramel in them for a test. Would I like to try some? Oh goody, I think as images spill into my mind’s eye of a young, rozy-cheeked boy wearing a white cook’s hat and […]