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the moral of the story is…

published on: 29.12.2014 in: All entries

Christmas. They all crawl out of the dark, blinded by the light of candles. The beggars, the drug-addicts, the homeless. Please mam, could you spare me a dime? Blackened nails, yellowed fingers, grey teeth, empty eyes. The rozy-cheeked and starru-eyed all feel like helping and ask: What will you use the dime for? Eh… food…? […]


the fears we have

published on: 23.12.2014 in: All entries

The portrait of my great-great grandmother above the fireplace. I was afraid of it. The TV stood against that same wall and so as you lay on the comfy pink couch under blankets, it was inevitable your eyes would wander to hers. Strict black bun, charcoaled gaze which followed you wherever you stood. My sister […]


love on a cloud

published on: 10.12.2014 in: All entries

Love sits like an angel on a cotton cloud resting in the skies, pausing for a moment, basking in the sun. Then the wind catches it and the cloud drifts away, slowly, with its passenger. Hold on to that angel and it will kick and scream, create a storm, blacken the skies as it falls. […]


pulling the sails

published on: 03.12.2014 in: All entries

To pull all the sails. It’s a Dutch saying. In my teens, I went to sailing school in Holland. I can’t think of anything more no-nonsense than Dutch sailing school, especially if you’re coming from Africa. I have a mental image of me pulling the sails. I can feel the ice-cold knife through my face, […]