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the clouds are still moving

published on: 30.06.2011 in: All entries

My mother gave me a box. In it, one of my diaries. It was dated 1987. "Radio still playing the same bullshit, birds talking their endless chatter, flies flying, clouds still move and trees still sway in the wind. God let me fly with the birds and sing their song, or let me be one […]



published on: 28.06.2011 in: All entries

Man and woman sit outside, staring at the sky, drinking wine and talking about things – what things exactly doesn’t matter. As long as there are things. Things to discuss. Things to understand, to know, to feel, to laugh about. Things to share. He stares at a an airplane trail in the distance and thinks, […]


she wasn’t and she knew it

published on: 26.06.2011 in: All entries

Two women – best friends. One man – who is a High Priest and also happens to be one of the women’s father. The daughter’s friend was called to the High Priest’s court one day. She had done her friend wrong by falling in love with her husband. She had stolen a kiss from him, […]


the past and the furious

published on: 24.06.2011 in: All entries

I have had my piano restored. Now comes the confrontation with the passing of time: did I really know how to play this twenty years ago? I sit here looking at the notes and feeling like an entirely different person. I am somehow trying to inhabit the mind and body of a wild and passionate […]


conversation between him and her

published on: 20.06.2011 in: All entries

“But what does empathy actually mean,” he asks. He is being serious. His question is serious. Oh for chrissake. “Well. It means the ability to feel what someone else must be feeling,” she says. She then adds, “I think.” She lays down on the floor, stares at the ceiling. “You’re right. What does it actually […]


the game isn’t over, not just yet

published on: 12.06.2011 in: All entries

“Thank you,” she says. She says it beneath her breath as I’ve told her many times not to thank me. Please. Do Not Thank Me. I beg you. Don’t. She has gained a lot of weight, but she has never looked more wonderful. Her children are finally with her. She hadn’t seen them in eight […]



published on: 09.06.2011 in: All entries

Another perfect stranger comes crashing into my home, boisterous and loud. A buff Italian man who has a little ponytail. He’s here to fix up the piano and he doesn’t waste a second. While speaking he’s sticking newspapers to the floor. He glues all his words together and they come out of his mouth as […]


she understands

published on: 08.06.2011 in: All entries

It’s interesting isn’t it? How you can run around life thinking “I can do this, yes I can” and these thoughts intermix with feelings of worthlessness and you can believe both at the same time. You can feel happy and sad, you can feel excited but nervous, passionate and angry and mellow yet agitated and […]