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the clouds are still moving

published: 2011-06-30

My mother gave me a box. In it, one of my diaries. It was dated 1987.

"Radio still playing the same bullshit, birds talking their endless chatter, flies flying, clouds still move and trees still sway in the wind. God let me fly with the birds and sing their song, or let me be one of those clouds so I can blow away with the wind." 


One Response to “the clouds are still moving”

  1. Martine says:

    I think the way you were as a child can truly help you a lot in re-becoming yourself as an adult. Noticed this myself after the break-up with an abusive ex-boyfriend. I had just lost myself, did not know who I am and what I like, anymore, could not see myself apart from him, his thoughts, his words. Reading my childhood diaries helps me re-finding my soul. I write follow-ups in my diary of today and slightly, I am becoming who I essential am. Without being afraid that this is “not normal” and “childish” and “not good enough”. Wish you the same! And if you ever need a talk: just drop me a line and we’ll go for a coffee. Or tea. Or hot coco. 🙂 Take care! xMM

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