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The plunge

published on: 31.10.2008 in: All entries

Today, I did something I've been putting off doing for a very long time. I emailed the first chapter of my new novel to my publisher. There's no turning back now.


Meanwhile …

published on: 30.10.2008 in: All entries

From: mail@aliefka.comTo: producerinLA@whosenameIcannotdiscloseSubject: Hello – an update Hi producer in LA, It's been a while and I thought I'd email you to let you know how things are moving forward since my return from Brazil. I believe I mentioned I was working on a new screenplay with director Yan Ting Yuen? It's called My Sister […]



published on: 29.10.2008 in: All entries

I've been searching the web for a quiet place to escape to in December for a few consecutive days of work on my novel. You'd think I found the perfect place: I was offered a cabin, tucked away in dunes, on an island all the way in the North of Holland, which you can only […]



published on: 28.10.2008 in: All entries

My son is sick. It's raining. I am battling lack of sleep and mindblowing amounts of snot. In the process, I have come to know all the dialogue of our Bob the Builder DVD off by heart.


Absolutely relatively true

published on: 26.10.2008 in: All entries

It's Sunday and raining and the clock has been set back (or pushed forward?) an hour. That always confuses me, so I turned on the TV hoping to tune in to the right time. What hit me instead was -bang- a closeup of Oprah Winfrey's partner sternly addressing the screen. He said: "first you have […]



published on: 24.10.2008 in: All entries

Most likely, you'd all much rather like to know how my lunch was (see 'equal distribution') as opposed to what's going on with my office space (which is what the previous entry was initially about). Lunch was lovely. He is a pleasant man, with a balanced and fair outlook on the megalomanic film-crowd here in […]



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deleted for being an uninteresting entry (poor entry).


Self help

published on: 23.10.2008 in: All entries

I had drinks with a few friends. I came late because I had gone to my flamenco classes. On answering the question how it went I said that I was probably making a complete fool out of myself in that advanced class."Well, it's good to be the worst at something," one of my friends said.I've […]


Equal distribution

published on: 22.10.2008 in: All entries

I am going to have lunch with a film distributor on Friday. Over the years he's become a friendly acquaintance and has always showed interest in my work. God knows he's probably wondering how far to stretch the definition of friendly as he's had to read his way through a few of my scripts and […]



published on: 21.10.2008 in: All entries

I spoke to my Irish screenwriter friend on the phone again last night. She had come to an important decision concerning her life. She was not going to move to LA, despite her having recently obtained a special artist's visa enabling her to live there for a while and work as a screenwriter. Something she […]