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Meanwhile …

published: 2008-10-30

To: producerinLA@whosenameIcannotdisclose
Subject: Hello – an update

Hi producer in LA,

It's been a while and I thought I'd email you to let you know how things are moving forward since my return from Brazil. I believe I mentioned I was working on a new screenplay with director Yan Ting Yuen? It's called My Sister Came By Today. Basically, Jade (33 half-Chinese) loses her husband and daughter in a tragic accident and decides she no longer wants to live.
The film is not a moralistic study about whether or not we have the right to end our own lives. In fact, that's simply a given. Themewise it focuses on how the world is incapable of reacting naturally to someone's death wish. You can't allow a loved one to just die.

Yan Ting has a production company called Serious Film. She and her business partner went to Sundance Producer's Workshop with this idea. People there were excited about the pitch so we decided to go for it and recently made the deadline for Sundance Screenwriter's Lab. We're waiting for news on that.
Meanwhile, the Dutch Filmfund has reserved 400,000.- euro's in production money for this project.

To make a long story short: I was thinking it might be interesting if we were to meet up next time you're in Europe. Let us know when you're around!



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