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published on: 26.06.2009 in: All entries

And now for something completely different: packing bags for a two week holiday in Portugal. 



published on: 25.06.2009 in: All entries

I sit here watching June pass by. In boats. Elegant ones, with ropes alongside of them holding well-kept people. They wear sunglasses, drink champagne rozĂ© and eat salmon wraps. There’s an odd bright-orange life vest, topped by a blonde boy’s head. And smaller boats, dented and damaged. Cans of beer. More sprinkles of orange-blonde.Across from […]



published on: 24.06.2009 in: All entries

I called my sister to ask how her son's leg was and then said I was sorry. I said, "I should've come." She said "oh no, that's okay." Which made me feel worse. As she in turn was wanting to make me feel better. Once upon a time, we used to fight and scream and […]



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If you’re the kind of person that tends to feel guilty about things, there are two thing you can do. 1. work on guilt issues. 2. avoid doing things you’ll feel guilty about. My sister called this morning, her son had gotten his foot stuck in the wheel of her bike. She needed to go […]



published on: 23.06.2009 in: All entries

I was asked to write a column about 'feeling at home.' As mentioned before, I have always had a lot to say about the topic. But writing this column proved to be pretty hard. It's such a complex subject and hard to catch within a few hundred words. Oftentimes, borrowing on a non-fictional event or […]



published on: 22.06.2009 in: All entries

I hardly ever think of my grandpas. I had two. My dad’s father walked out on his family when my dad was 11. We hardly ever saw him. When we did, he gave us cheese-puffs. I was allowed to play on his Hammond. I am still angry at my cousin for taking that Hammond after […]



published on: 21.06.2009 in: All entries

During a recent reunion with five friends from high school (we hadn’t seen eachother in twenty years), we discussed what items we still had from those days. Photos, diaries, letters, notes, Tshirts, year books, that kind of thing. I have very little as since then I have moved around a lot. Therefore, I couldn’t recall […]


Smoke of silence

published on: 19.06.2009 in: All entries

The continuous smell of smoke. The rattling sound of dice. I lean over our balcony to verify: indeed, she is back. That skinny, short-haired, fourty-something woman has returned. And so has their life they had together for a short while. The chain-smoking, their playing backgammon or scrabble, and therefore not having to say a word […]


Higher cause

published on: 18.06.2009 in: All entries

A few years ago, my friend emailed me that his father had died. I told him he had to go to his Dad's funeral.  "I can't," he said.  "Why?" "I'm afraid," he said.  "I know you are but you have to." Somehow, I was convinced he'd regret it for the rest of his life if […]


My Sister Came by Today

published on: 16.06.2009 in: All entries

The screenplay I’ve been writing together with a director -who is also a dear friend of mine- is about to be fired off into the world of financing. Half the financing is already in place. Which means just about now comes the time when I’m to make a graceful exit. This is when screenwriters tend […]