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My Sister Came by Today

published: 2009-06-16

The screenplay I’ve been writing together with a director -who is also a dear friend of mine- is about to be fired off into the world of financing. Half the financing is already in place. Which means just about now comes the time when I’m to make a graceful exit. This is when screenwriters tend to start feeling melancholic and nostalgic, and drink whisky and feel really sorry for themselves. But be patient with us, my friends, give us time! I mean hell – I’ve been carrying this story and the characters around with me for a long time. I’ve taken care of them, talked to them, argued them and guided them. This screenplay has been particularly intense. Writing about losing one’s husband and child meant digging very deep into every characters’ mindset in order to grasp truthful emotions. It entailed reliving personal pain, and of my loved ones. But, I can honestly say I am almost there. I’m just about ready to say: adieu my dear friends. Bon voyage! Fly to the stars and the moon on the wings of the director. I am proud of what you are today, and excited to see what you’re going to turn into. Almost… just one more whisky.

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