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On passing

published on: 28.04.2009 in: All entries

Something passed through me last night. I couldn’t sleep. And when it felt like I was, asleep, it came. In a rush, like a wave, that did not cover me, nor smother me. It passed through me. Good or evil? The answer spoke in silent darkness: good comes in confidence, sheds no doubt, removes fear. Then came my […]



published on: 24.04.2009 in: All entries

I am a woman. But my main character in my new novel is a man. Writing a man’s perspective is proving to be less challenging than I would have expected when starting this journey. And lately, I have taken to the habit of asking my male friends what would be their worst fear when reaching […]


Roze quartz

published on: 15.04.2009 in: All entries

My mother gave me two presents for my birthday: a rug she had bought when she was in Tunesia. And a roze quartz necklace. There was a card too, saying ‘this was your grandmother’s’. My mother had wrapped the necklace in bright pink tissue paper and put it in a little black box. It’s hard […]


Last dance

published on: 11.04.2009 in: All entries

There it was. Like a gentle tap on my shoulder. The end. It happened this way with my first book, and it happened again. It's the strangest of sensations. One that easily slips by as we readily move on with our lives and start facing the next challenge. If it were not for nature, out there […]


Three mornings

published on: 10.04.2009 in: All entries

On the first morning, I find a bottle of Riesling outside my door. I know why it’s there.  He is a man alone. Leaning towards fifty. A scratchy beard. I was stealing chocolate easter eggs from a basket on the bar and noticed him. He was asking the owner of the hotel something. What exactly, […]


Zero tolerance

published on: 08.04.2009 in: All entries

Overnight, some angry neighbour had thrown a pot of white paint at my son's daycare center. It could've been plain vandalism. But my son's daycare center has been in the news a lot recently as this isn't the first incident and I'm afraid it won't be the last. Eggs, packets of flour and oranges have […]


Between centuries

published on: 07.04.2009 in: All entries

We went to an unusual performance yesterday. A well known 17th C writer from Holland had written only one music-piece for the stage. It was more of a cerebral experience than an emotional one. Yet at the same time, the stage composition, colouring, lyrics, images and songs lured me to some strange place: the void […]


To tweet or not to tweet?

published on: 03.04.2009 in: All entries

So much has been said about twitter, why should I add to all that? Especially as it's not my style to write blog entries about anything online I mean: leave that to the "gurus". I do, however, write about personal things. And this is what twitter has brought me personally: it's put me in touch […]


Enough is enough

published on: 02.04.2009 in: All entries

What is wrong with me? I downloaded Donna Summer. I’m listening to her and Barbara Streisand sing “enough is enough” and about to cry. Flashback – I am six years old. I am still wearing my nighty that says “I am 5” because it makes for fabulous swirls. And, it’s synthetic so it goes static […]


The woman outside

published on: 01.04.2009 in: All entries

Outside my office window, a woman parked her tiny, silver, Peugeot. She stepped out and waited. While waiting she faced the canals. I wished I was her, that I could stop for a minute and look. But then the person she was waiting for came out of the building. He disturbed the tranquil equilibrium she […]