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Last dance

published: 2009-04-11
There it was. Like a gentle tap on my shoulder. The end.
It happened this way with my first book, and it happened again. It's the strangest of sensations. One that easily slips by as we readily move on with our lives and start facing the next challenge. If it were not for nature, out there to remind us to stop for a moment, and listen. Savour the quiet and solitary contentment of this moment. 
Last time this happened, I was in the Caribbean, alone. The last sentence simply appeared from out of nowhere. It came totally unexpected. I lifted my hands off my keyboard, stepped outside. Walked down a path to the stoney beach. And swam along the cliffs. A pelican kept coming to see what I was. The skies started darkening. The current pulled at me. A storm came rolling in. And by the time I had returned to my desk flashes of lightning had chased the pelican away.
Today, I am in Amsterdam, alone. I lifted my hands off my keyboard. Walked to my window and sat there looking at the canal. Rain drops fell from out of nowhere as the sun had been shining happily until then. After a while, I stood up and walked back to my desk which is where I am now. The rain has disappeared. 

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