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Enough is enough

published: 2009-04-02

What is wrong with me? I downloaded Donna Summer. I’m listening to her and Barbara Streisand sing “enough is enough” and about to cry.
Flashback – I am six years old. I am still wearing my nighty that says “I am 5” because it makes for fabulous swirls. And, it’s synthetic so it goes static if I swirl hard enough. Sparks shoot off from it and my hair flies up to the ceiling.
We live in The Philippines. It’s early morning. My Dad puts his favourite record on really loud. Not caring about neighbours. The living room is split leveled, the lower and higher side separated by one step in the middle of it. I dance and swirl on the higher side, my Dad dances and swirls on the lower side. We’re waiting for it to come: that fast part that keeps you waiting. Finally, it’s there. My Dad gets down and boogies the way only people born in the 40’s boogie. Thumbs up, shoulders jerky. It’s just me and him, tropical heat, swirling, sparks flying and screaming “enough is enough is enough.” I don’t think I’ve ever loved my Dad more.

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