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published: 2009-06-23

I was asked to write a column about 'feeling at home.' As mentioned before, I have always had a lot to say about the topic. But writing this column proved to be pretty hard. It's such a complex subject and hard to catch within a few hundred words. Oftentimes, borrowing on a non-fictional event or example helps carry the message, yet finding the perfect 'hook' for this proved to be impossible. So it's become a different kind of column and in fact, I quite like it exactly for that: I'm not using any of the writing tricks. It doesn't deliver a punchlike message, but instead touches on a few of the complexities and therefore hopefully inspires thought. If anything: personal awareness. It is in Dutch and has been published on a website called "New We". Here it is: Thuis

2 Responses to “Column”

  1. Louise says:

    liked your column very much. Its so true. You described exactly how i feel about it. It takes time to come home to yourself, but its a good, strong and neccesary homebase. Once i red “He or she who is a good friend to him- or herself is always in good company” true also

  2. alief says:

    @Louise Thank you. Sounds like excellent advice: I shall try to be friends with myself.

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