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she wasn’t and she knew it

published: 2011-06-26

Two women – best friends. One man – who is a High Priest and also happens to be one of the women’s father.

The daughter’s friend was called to the High Priest’s court one day. She had done her friend wrong by falling in love with her husband. She had stolen a kiss from him, a kiss which was not hers to have. He had wanted more, even begged her it, but she resisted. She didn’t tell anyone about his pleading. What she did do was tell her best friend about the kiss. She also expressed her regret for having fallen in love. Her best friend decided to forgive her.
When the High Priest heard of this, he put on his satin robe and called his daughter’s friend to him. She had never seen him in his robe before. He was grand and stately, quite unlike the father-figure she knew him to be. She bowed her head in respect
“From now on, you shall no longer refer to me by my name, but as ‘master’.
Are we clear on this?”
“Yes sir,” she said and mourned the fact he was no longer going to take her by the hand, and into his garden. To lovingly show her all his herbs, teach her their names and how to sow in order to reap.
“You have caused great damage. And therefore it’s better you leave so we can heal.”
“Yes sir,” she said and waited for him to ask whether she had anything to say for herself. He didn’t. If he had, she could’ve asked him whether he had ever done anyone wrong in his life? Perhaps he wasn’t aware he had? She could also point out how he had done the same daughter he was now defending wrong by neglecting her needs? But why should she desire asking him these questions? She wished she were a perfect person who didn’t feel the need to defend herself, or to blame the world for her own shortcomings. But she wasn’t. And she knew it.
“Sir, might I ask for what crime I am to be punished?”
“You know the crime,” he boomed.
“Falling in love?” she asked, “or honesty?”
But he didn’t hear this as he had already hit the hammer on his desk and had stood up. So she left. She did not turn back. And it was this that caused her best friend true great harm, greater than anything else.

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