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Self fulfilling prophecies

published: 2008-09-19

My son has always been a terrible sleeper. If he had it his way, I'd be sleeping right next to him every night. Thinking back, I realize it was that way from the start. He refused to leave my womb. The very first push my body gave, I quite calmly stated, "nope, he does not want to come out." It led to a pretty barbaric situation. Ironically, this resulted in his being whisked off to an incubator on a different floor in the hospital. He and I were separated from each other for a week. There's a widely known moral to this story: in life you should never be too attached to a certain desired outcome because chances are you'll get the exact opposite. Now that I'm a mother, I'm finding I so desperately wish I could change these rigid laws of the universe. Not for me, but for my son.

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